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KT Tai Chi is part of a network of Tai Chi clubs, called the Five Elements, based around the South and East of London. The Tai Chi Instructors of the Five Elements are:

Crystal Palace/ Upper Norwood led by Sifu Kevin Moloney of KT Tai Chi

West Sussex and East Grinstead led by Sifu Chris Mowen and Sifu Clive Ellis

New Malden and Leatherhead, led by Sifu Kai

Orpington led by Sifu Ashley Cheeseman

The Five Elements get together for joint workshops at regular intervals. These joint workshops are great events for meeting people from other classes and exchanging knowledge. It also provides an opportunity to learn new skills.


World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day 27th April

This day was originally started in New York, since then it has become an annual worldwide event.The Five elements clubs meet up with other clubs in a local park to practice Tai Chi together and share skills and knowledge.

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