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Reduce stress and improve fitness and general well being
All levels of Tai Chi are catered for from beginners to expert.
The class is an hour to an hour and a half depending on level of ability.
We also run an hour and a half Tai Chi combat class one Sunday a month.

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Class Content:
The main focus of the class is the Yang Style Long Form: a series of postures and movements which help to create balance and flexibility of mind and body.
Any Tai Chi would be incomplete if it didn’t cover the broader range of exercises and disciplines around the form. Therefore the class also covers:

  • Gung Jing: energy building exercises which incorporate dynamic breathing and movement.

  • Chi Gong (氣功): breathing exercises, including the “Eight Treasures Chi Gong”, that are also forms of meditation helping to build energy levels.

  • Pushing Hands (推手): two man exercises which build awareness of the body structures used in the Tai Chi form.

  • Tai Chi Combat: practical applications of Tai Chi as a martial art.

  • Weapons forms of Tai Chi are also optionally taught in class. Currently we are learning the Sword Form. Additional Tai Chi forms will be added as the class progresses.

Tai Chi is a vast discipline and the practitioner will always find new things to learn.



Tropical Leaves


Very friendly and fun classes. Very relaxing and  I would recommend  to anyone wanted to try something new this year.

-  Anonymous

Tropical Leaves

Web Visitor

Website is very straight forward clear and easy to access information.  Inviting.

-  Anonymous

Tropical Leaves


Kevin is an extremely experienced and professional internal arts and qigong instructor. I have been attending his monthly classes for several years now and his teaching approach to his students is patient and explained step by step creating a very relaxed and open learning experience.

- Nick

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